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Top 15 Political WordPress Themes

Today, politics is one of the most popular topics in the world. And this means that blogs, news portals, and sites will always be popular and in demand. Of course, these kinds of sites should be simple, concise, and informative. We offer you a selection of the best political WordPress themes.

Political WordPress Themes

Here you will definitely find a suitable variant for yourselves.

VisaPro – Visa & Immigration WordPress Theme

VisaPro - Visa & Immigration WordPress Theme.

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Are you looking for a foolproof way to make a sophisticated and very stylish website for your visa and citizenship application services? Look no further because VisaPro is here to the rescue. This aesthetically pleasing and cutting-edge immigration service WordPress theme is stacked with the necessary features to draw more customers to your business, and it screams gorgeous. You can now make the entire visa process stress-free and easy. Enjoy faster processing times, efficient document management, and a handy request form that make it easier than ever to get your visa approved. Also, VisaPro is made so that it looks good on all kinds of devices. This means that you can access your website from anywhere, even when you’re on the go.


  • Elementor site builder;
  • 1-click import of demo files;
  • WordPress 6.1 is supported;
  • RTL language compliance;
  • blog section;
  • SEO-ready code;
  • portfolio option;
  • newsletter form.

Polity – Political WordPress Theme

Polity - Political WordPress Theme

Polity is a premium political WordPress theme built on the powerful Bootstrap framework. It works for various political and social movement websites. Be it NGOs, crowd-funding, or government, your webpage will be live in just a few clicks. You get all the demos packed into the theme and more with one click. It is built using clean, valid HTML 5 code that follows the best SEO practices. With it, you also get several header & footer designs you can modify to your taste.

Polity is made compatible with Elementor. However, you can always switch to Gutenberg and edit your content there. The template is easy to customize even if you want to launch an e-store. In addition, it supports the WPML plugin and the RTL feature. Take your time to explore more of Polity. Here are a few perks to add to the list.

  • Responsive and Retina-ready layout;
  • Admin panel;
  • GPL License;
  • Background video;
  • Quickstart package;
  • SEO optimization;
  • Multipurpose;
  • Completely JS;
  • eCommerce;
  • Ajax function.

Professional Taffees WordPress Theme

Professional Taffees WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a readymade theme to apply to your online newspaper, personal blog, or travel magazine sites, please consider our best responsive WordPress theme called Taffees. It is SEO-optimized, easy to install and navigate. Our competent technical support is ready to help you with any issue twenty-four hours, six months. Check out some of the most notable characteristics of this template:

  • Seo-optimized.
  • Easy to install and navigate.
  • Flexible design.
  • Highly responsive.
  • Tech support.

Newsmaker – News Blog Multipurpose Modern Elements WordPress Theme

Newsmaker - News Blog Multipurpose Modern Elements WordPress Theme

Responsiveness, flexibility, and usability of the site are the most important factors in choosing a template. NEWSmaker is the perfect WordPress theme. NEWSmaker ideally adapts the design to the news project. This is one of the most popular templates for a ready-made site for any media (channel, newspaper, agency, etc.). Minimalism, news grid, and side panels will help visitors to quickly find news from the desired headings. With creative design and many features, you can realize powerful and bold ideas. As we all know, political news is a pretty serious topic, so the template should look appropriately. You can customize the fonts, color (not bright), and the background of the site. Ready-made color schemes do not distract the attention of visitors to the site, and fully subject to customization. Also in the template built-in calendar, comments system, drop-down menu, quick search, Google fonts, and much more. The main functions also include the presence of Google maps, media libraries, and ready-made themes. The template attracts attention with a modest design and effects. They do not spoil the overall picture which is created to interest visitors and attract their attention to the news. You can also set up a gallery. For example, add photo transitions effects. The template is fully adaptive and ready to be translated. Also a big plus is the interaction of the theme with different popular browsers. This will increase the ratings of your site and make it really popular.

Kritex – Corporate News Blog Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Kritex - Corporate News Blog Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Kritex is a minimalist and simple theme for serious purposes. With this template you can create not only a regular news site, but also a political website. This is all available due to the ready-made layouts. You can set them up yourself, or change them. Due to Elementor, the template has a large number of widgets of different types (for example, Google maps). You can also create your own design. The template is easy to translate. You can also add a social networking button. In this way, guests can quickly and easily add your favorite news collections to your page. The theme also includes a beautiful photo gallery. It can be replenished with new photos and changed at any time. Also available are transitions and video effects in the background. The template is available with a large number of useful plugins. For example, JetTabs is a good option. With this extension you can easily add content to tables. JetMenu allows you to quickly and efficiently make a mega menu where you can change colors and add different categories and topics. Also, users can register on the site and turn on a notification of news. It is very convenient and modern. The theme is also available for browsing on the phone.

Lidership Political & Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Lidership Political & Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Lidership is a completely responsive, flexible, and modern template. It can be used for the website of political news and public figures. It can also be used for any type of business. The template is optimized for use on phones, tablets, and other devices. Buying this topic you get ready-made page layouts, more than 10 variants of home pages which can be easily adjusted, 18+ different headings, more than 10 styles and colors for the footer (again, you can customize it yourself, and choose the right colors); Google fonts, WPML, Loco translator, and more. You can fully customize the headings, colors, logos, footers, menu, and all the possible buttons. The template is compatible with all popular browsers. You can set up different transition effects to view photos from news selections. You can also easily add video to the news article. You can also add a social networking button so that users can share the news. In addition, it is possible to conduct various social surveys and tests online.

Campoal – Petition Platform & Fundraising WordPress Theme

Campoal - Petition Platform & Fundraising WordPress Theme

Campoal is multipurpose, and is considered one of the best political templates. You might ask, WHY? Because it is ideal for creating a party website, candidates, political and legal portals, non-commercial websites, petition platform, and fund-raising sites. Modern politics must keep up with modern technology, so the template includes quite a few features. This quite simple and minimalistic theme includes a large number of extensions and plugins. All this you can use to achieve your goals. The template is integrated with the Give plugins. It is specially designed for fundraising platforms. You can easily customize the template pages to quickly create petitions (literally in four steps). You can also customize your donation settings. This way you can withdraw funds via PayPal or bank transfer. Also using the analytics panel you can learn about the people who signed the petition. Besides, the built-in Markdown Editor template helps to convert the text into HTML format. Users can log into the site through their social networks account. This is just a small part of all the features that are available in this template. But even with them it is clear how powerful and versatile it is.

Politicalo – Political and Candidate WordPress Theme

Politicalo - Political and Candidate WordPress Theme

Politicalo is one of the best WordPress templates. The theme can be used for a variety of political sites. Starting with news, and ending with the site and political parties. The template looks very stylish and unusual. It features fully responsive layouts that you can customize and change. More than ten ready-made versions of homepage layouts are available. Fashionable slider is created using the latest web design technologies. Various ready-made themes, animations, color schemes are available for use and settings. Comes with unlimited colors, with which you can pick up the background site, headers, photo gallery, and banners. Even after you buy it, you can get additional free plugins and premium plugins to improve the site. You can also set up a button of social networks. This means that users can easily register on your site and repost the news. Google maps and fonts give the site originality. Compatibility with popular browsers is also a distinctive feature of the template.

The Ballot – Political Candidate WordPress Theme

The Ballot - Political Candidate WordPress Theme

The Ballot is a famous and beautiful WordPress template. This template is designed specifically for political and public figures. Smooth navigation, simple design, and powerful functionality – that’s what you get when you buy the template. Stylish and professional layouts allow you to experiment with the structure of the page. And using Power Page Builder you can personally pay for the layout, and fill it with different elements and animations. You can customize and change everything for your own unique purposes. Content modules is a great feature which is also included in the template. With this feature you can add buttons, tables, sliders, contact forms, links, and images to your site. One option, but so many different functions! You can also use custom widgets. This feature offers different options for displaying content. In addition, you have the opportunity to choose from more than 500 Google Fonts. This will enhance the site, making it more stylish and enjoyable to view. Of course, when you buy a template you get detailed instructions. And if there are any questions, you can contact online chat or our support team.

American Politician WordPress Theme

American Politician WordPress Theme

American Politician is a premium theme, and one of the best themes of WordPress. With its help, political candidates will be able to create an impressive website. This is one of the most important things in political competition. The theme is fully adapted and responsive. You can also customize each element. These are tables, fonts (more than 600 available Google fonts), background, image display, image size, size of banners and headings, and much more. With different plugins you can add, for example, social networking buttons. Fantastic sliders with lazy loading effect look very cool and unique. Ready-made color schemes also give in to the settings. Use custom widgets for comments and social sharing. Built-in theme adjuster is a very useful thing, especially if you are a beginner. The topic is fully translatable, or users can choose the language of the site themselves. It seems to us that it is very convenient and modern. Together with the template you will receive detailed instructions. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

Politics WordPress Theme

Politics WordPress Theme

Politics is a chic and optimized theme. It is designed for personal websites of politicians, campaigns, political news, and political parties. You will be able to make your site bright and contrasting. And this in turn will attract the attention of visitors. Colored blocks and schemes create a visually pleasing effect. The theme looks modern and stylish. With the help of banners you can submit information easily. Users love it, so the site will be requested and popular. The topic is responsive and optimized for smartphones and tablets. Gallery sliders can be changed every day and add new photos. In addition, you can add effects to the photos. All items can be easily adjusted and changed. You can also add comments functions or a social networking button. With this feature, visitors to the site will be able to repost the news. The template includes 80 different shortcodes. Also quite an unusual thing is the effect of lazy loading. This is memorable and stylish. The Multilingual feature is a must for a political site. This makes it even more popular.

Politics WordPress Theme

Politics WordPress Theme

Politics is a brand new, fresh, and responsive political theme of WordPress. With its help you can create any political website. For example, these can be websites of public organizations, political parties, politicians. Even beginners can create a site. Elementor Page Builder allows you to use different widgets and add different elements. Thanks to the large amount of space the information on the site will be readable and easy to understand. With contrasting colors the site will be better remembered by visitors. The theme includes many features that are subject to adjustment. These are header and footer settings, colors, fonts, widgets, layouts (of which there are a large number by the way). Also with the help of the site you can create a charity portal. The template also has a built-in calendar, Google web fonts, and tables. Animations created with HTML plus JS. Gallery can also be displayed differently. Besides, audio and video players are available. For example, you can make the video as a background. With this theme your site will be available in English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, and other languages.

Politics Board WordPress Theme

Politics Board WordPress Theme

The Politics Board theme is an excellent fashion solution for the websites of politicians, government, diplomats and non-ecommerce organizations. The theme is ideal for beginners and does not take much time to install and configure. It is completely responsive and configurable. The topic is SEO-optimized. The multipurpose template provides many functions. This includes the color scheme which you can also change easily. However, all of the offered combinations of colors look effective and will be easily remembered by your visitors. The theme also impresses with its multilingualism. The site can be translated into most common languages. It is also possible for site visitors to choose their own language. You are provided with more than 80 different shortcodes. Sliders work great and impress with their transitions. Menus can also be customized. News or information by category will provide an easy and fast search on the site. The theme is optimized for viewing on smartphones. Compatibility with various popular browsers is the key to success and popularity of the site. You can add many of your own elements, such as social networking button, various surveys, tests, and blocks. Let your projects be original and stylish together with the best political WordPress theme.

Political Candidate Responsive WordPress Theme

Political Candidate Responsive WordPress Theme

Political Candidate is an amazing political WordPress theme that will be a find for you. The clear and fresh design is ideal for political topics. Don’t forget that when you buy a theme, you get detailed documentation, instructions, and support (which you can get on the forums). This means that you will not have any problems with the settings. Everything in the template is easy to set up and change. Different shortcodes you can easily use. Color schemes are a real aesthetic bang. Such a wonderful combination of colors will not leave anyone indifferent. Several widgets are also available to you. Sliders and full-screen images create a 3D effect. You can also add video and make it a background. It looks fun and beautiful. Parallax and zoom effects are also a big bonus. Luxurious topography (more than 600 available Google fonts), and animations using HTML plus JS will impress every visitor. Different available languages contribute to the fast translation of the website into the desired language. Cross-browser is also available.

Updating Business Website WordPress Theme

Updating Business Website WordPress Theme

The proposed theme is one of the best political WordPress themes. This is not even surprising, because it offers a lot of functions. The multipurpose theme allows you to create different political sites such as a political blog, a personal website for politicians, diplomats, MPs, non-ecommerce websites, a petition site, and so on. The theme includes the following functions:

  • calendar
  • sliders
  • transition effects
  • zoom effect
  • admin panel
  • responsiveness
  • a quick search
  • mega menu
  • categories and blocks
  • animations (HTML plus JS)
  • audio and video player
  • access to the contact form
  • This is only a small list of all the functions. Google maps and fonts are also available. Some of them look very stylish and original. Cross-browser is also a big plus for the modern world. The theme can help you to perform all the projects and are worthy to show themselves. With more than five built-in languages it can help to make the site popular and more recognizable. We think it’s important because the site will immediately become popular and will be available to many people.

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