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Language School

We are excited to showcase our collaboration with Metamore, a dynamic language education company. Our stand-up banner service was crafted to visually communicate the vibrancy and efficacy of Metamore’s language learning programs, adding an impactful presence to their educational events.

Metamore, committed to transforming language education, sought a visual tool that could succinctly communicate their innovative approach to learning. Entrusting us with this mission, they envisioned stand-up banners that would captivate audiences and embody the essence of their transformative language programs.

Results: Elevating Language Learning Presence

The collaboration resulted in stand-up banners that not only adorned Metamore’s event spaces but became ambassadors of their educational philosophy. The visual impact resonated with event attendees, fostering engagement and interest in the transformative language programs offered by Metamore.

Client: Metamore
Industry: Education
Services: Graphic Design, Banner