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we are delighted to showcase our collaboration with Legendary, a streetwear printing and manufacturing powerhouse. Our Corporate Profile Design service was dedicated to encapsulating the essence of Legendary’s creativity, innovation, and streetwear mastery in a visually striking and impactful profile.

Legendary, known for its imprint on the streetwear landscape, sought a Corporate Profile that echoed their commitment to quality, creativity, and urban style. Entrusting us with this vision, they aimed to create a profile that not only showcased their capabilities but also left a lasting impression on clients, collaborators, and stakeholders.

Client: Wet Designs
Industry: Fashion
Services: Graphic Design, Corporate Profile

Our Approach: Designing Legends on Paper

Understanding Legendary’s unique position in the streetwear industry, our design team embarked on a journey to craft a Corporate Profile that harmonized aesthetics with the raw energy of urban fashion:

1. Visual Storytelling:

Each page of the Corporate Profile became a canvas for visual storytelling. From the evolution of designs to the intricacies of manufacturing, we translated Legendary’s narrative into a visual journey that resonated with authenticity.

2. Iconic Imagery and Graphics:

Iconic imagery and graphics were strategically integrated to reflect the vibrancy of street culture. High-quality visuals showcased Legendary’s signature designs, printing techniques, and manufacturing processes, creating a visual feast for the reader.

3. Brand Consistency:

The design adhered to Legendary’s brand guidelines, ensuring a consistent visual identity throughout the Corporate Profile. This consistency reinforced Legendary’s brand image and familiarity.

4. Informative and Engaging Content:

Beyond aesthetics, the Corporate Profile was crafted with informative and engaging content. The language and tone mirrored Legendary’s urban flair, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the company’s ethos, capabilities, and achievements.


Results: Legendary Impressions in Print

The collaboration resulted in a Corporate Profile that not only served as a document of capabilities but also became a testament to Legendary’s influence in the streetwear domain. The profile elevated their brand image, leaving an indelible mark on clients and stakeholders.