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How to Sell More Products in Winter

With the holidays behind us, you may have noticed a slump in sales & a sense of urgency around your latest promotions. But if you’re like most ecommerce sellers, the first quarter of the year is among the most challenging months in ecommerce. Unfortunately, you may feel an even bigger pinch if you’re competing in a winter wear-saturated marketplace.

The good news is there are plenty of ways to sell more products in winter, no matter what you offer. Here are some innovative ways to improve your sales without adding tons of overhead & resources.

Add More Print on Demand (POD)

One of the simplest ways to sell more products in winter (even if you don’t sell winter wear) is by turning to print-on-demand. POD makes it easy to incorporate various products you don’t usually sell without the risk of carrying inventory or increasing your overhead.

You can apply your original creations to our hoodies, jackets, coats, hats, & more to create an instant winter wear line. Upload your original designs to your CustomCat’s library, & we’ll help fuel your ecommerce store for success. Our plugins also integrate with Etsy, Shopify, Woo Commerce, or your own API to make selling easy. When someone purchases your new winter item, we produce & fulfill it & will even ship it out with a label from your business.

Get started selling POD with CustomCat here

Reimagine Your Marketing

Just because you don’t sell winter items doesn’t mean you can’t align your marketing strategy to align your business with the season. Get creative & market your items as “winter weather busters” or “ways to beat the winter blues.” You can also get customers excited about the spring season by using countdown timers & launching short sales to drive more revenue during your slow period.

Reimaging how you present your product copy & branding can also drive more sales during winter. Use a wintery ecommerce store theme, even if you’re selling bathing suits or gardening tools. Angling your copy around how it’s cold now, but spring is nearly upon us is also a way to keep the chilly season feeling light & fun.

Reach for the Winter Accessories

You can sell winter items without needing to sell winter wear. Focus on accessories instead, from pillows to blankets & tote bags. CustomCat offers a selection of easy housewares & accessories to customize with your designs or unique theme. Use your own snowy landscape photos or quirky winter expressions & quotes to sell more.

Cross-sell, Upsell, & Bundle

Why give your customers just one option when they stop by your ecommerce store? Instead of just showing them the item they click on to purchase, offer cross-sells to similar, complementing items. For example, a customized pillow & blanket pair well together. Or you can upsell the product & show the larger version for just a few dollars more. 

Bundles are also an effective way to increase sales volume without the extra work. Show off your products in a set at a slight discount than purchasing them all individually. You’ll end up increasing your revenue without needing to make multiple sales.

Sell More Comfort Items

There’s something about a cold, windy winter that makes people turn to comfort items. From sweets to hot chocolate, there’s always a comfort item your customers need. Try customizing our color-changing mugs that reveal your design when hot liquid is poured inside. Comfort items can also include the promise of a new season or adventure. Try selling a bag for an upcoming trip or hike to appeal to customers longing for warmth. 

Whatever you decide to sell, ensure your product copy & marketing embody that cozy messaging to spark the sale. You can add little perks, including a tea bag or small chocolate sample, to sweeten up your orders.

Think Cozy

Just like comfort items, buyers want to get cozy during winter. Books, blankets, hot drinks, & cozy housewares are all in demand during those cold months with no sunshine in sight. Beyond what you sell, make your product photos & online store stand out with a cozy aesthetic that makes buyers want to climb inside. 

Instagram & TikTok are also good places to share the cozy warmth. Show off how you use your products or curate magical snow falls with warm cabins. Even if your audience doesn’t buy immediately from your store, you’re increasing your social media following & raising brand awareness. 

Get Inspired by the Winter Holidays

If Even if Christmas & Hanukkah are over, there are still winter holidays to help shape your products & marketing. For example, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to sell gift related products, apparel or home decor.  

There are also some more holidays, like Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is in the month of January. You can sell t-shirts or hoodies to encourage people to immerse themselves in US history. It could be a worthwhile holiday to explore. For more popular ecommerce holidays check out our 2023 Ecommerce Holiday Calendar.

Roll Out the Winter-Themed Gift Cards

There’s no need to get left behind in the winter selling frenzy when you can roll out the gift cards instead. Beyond their practicality, you can also offer them at a slight discount. Consider a promotion such as “Buy a $25 gift card & get a $5 store credit” to make them more enticing to scoop up. You can also sell gift cards just to your VIP list or customers who load up their carts but never buy anything. 

If you do sell gift cards at a discount, it’s wise to add some rules or restrictions. After all, you don’t want to end up selling scores of gift cards that come with store credits only to find yourself in the red come springtime.

Launch a Winter Blow-Out Sale

Everyone loves a good sale, even if you’re not selling winter wear during the season. Check your inventory or sales volume to figure out what’s moving–& what’s sitting around. You can clear out some slow-moving items with a sale or bundle them with a popular option. Use fun & inspired copy about the snow or winter storm blowing through to keep it relevant & timely.

How do you sell more products in winter without selling any winter wear? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

How to Sell More Products in Winter


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