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February Holidays Selling Guide for 2023

February is upon us, & it’s time to celebrate its incredible ecommerce opportunities from the Super Bowl to Valentine’s Day & those wildly popular President’s Day sales. As the commercials & online ads rev up for sales season, it’s time to piggyback on the frenzy to raise your online store’s brand awareness. Here’s a look at some of the marketing opportunities February brings & how to leverage them to increase your revenue while delighting your customers. 

Black History Month

Black History Month recognizes the incredible achievements of African-Americans & their role in U.S. history. Brands, influencers, & the press already participate in Black History Month by donating funds or sharing inspiration to support racial equality.

You can also survey your audience on what types of POD designs they want to see & which charities they support. The goal isn’t to act disingenuously & follow the online noise. Instead, you can identify where you & your customers’ values align & position your marketing language accordingly. 

Once you decide which designs work best for your store, you can upload them to your CustomCat library & apply them to everything from mugs to pillows & hats. When a product sells, you enjoy raking in the revenue while we produce, fulfill, & ship it out on your behalf. With no overhead or risk, you have nothing to lose. 

Learn more about how CustomCat works here.

Super Bowl

Why let The Super Bowl & its iconic commercials have all the fun? You can get in on the trend with Super Bowl mania merchandise & your own inspired ads. With the help of a smartphone & YouTube, go ahead & create your own ads & lean into the idea they’re just as good as what’s going on at Half Time. Sure, it’s just you & a handheld device, but if it surprises someone or makes them laugh? It’s gold!

You may not be able to snag the Super Bowl logo for yourself without facing some serious copyright infringement, but you can still gather inspiration for your designs. Think all things football, halftime, & Super Bowl snacks, & you have some design-worthy ideas for your ecommerce store.

World Cancer Day

Just about everyone on the planet knows someone impacted by cancer & its aftermath. World Cancer Day encourages everyone to fight, protect, & stay informed about cancer & early prevention testing. The primary goal behind World Cancer Day is to reduce deaths caused by cancer & to give the opportunity to stand up & open up about prevention.

Do your part by designing some POD products that support the cause. Beyond what you’re promoting, keep it genuine & start a dialogue on social media. You can share your brown stories, encourage others to speak up, or promote charities who support cancer survivors & their families. 

International Friendship Month

International Friendship Month celebrates friendship & companionship, giving your audience a reason to shower their BFFs with love. Roll out the friendship-themed jewelry, shirts, & more, & encourage customers to tag their best friends on your social media channels & share their Meet-Cute story. 

National Boy Scout Day

National Boy Scout Day is an ideal time to launch some badge-worthy products, patches, & designs that beckon the good old days when boys were out camping without the glow of their smartphones leading the way. We’re thinking bears on mugs & campfire shirts that make us want to curl up & get cozy. 

Did you know hitting Eagle Scout status is the highest achievement or rank that one can achieve in the Scouts? Round-up all your Eagle Scout customers, whether they earned the status last year or two decades ago, & give them shout-outs on social media & celebrate their special day.

National Pizza Day

What the world needs now is pizza. More pizza than anyone could possibly handle. Make sure all your customers feel the pizza love by adding some graphics to your store, new social media embellishments, & email fodder that reminds them of their own slice of pizza heaven is waiting for. Here are a few POD design ideas to get inspired:

  • Love is in the first bite 
  • Pizza = Empowerment
  • Current State of Mind: Pizza

National Tortellini Day

Move over pizza; it’s time for National Tortellini Day. It’s about time all those die-hard pasta lovers have a special day to call their own. & really, what pairs better with tortellini than color-changing mugs, home decor, artwork, & totes? Well, it pairs best with wine, but once the tortellini is eaten & the wine is gone, your customers need a tortellini-themed POD blanket to snuggle up underneath.

While you’re at it, you can share your favorite recipes & inspirations of all things tortellini on social media. Use a hashtag & encourage your audience to get in on the fun & tag you on their posts.

Valentine’s Day

Couples no longer hold the monopoly on Valentine’s Day while armed with all those heart-shaped box chocolates. Instead, singles & families are getting in on the treats with sales & promos. You can even encourage your customers to give a gift to themself this year as a sign of self-love.

Here are a few Valentine’s Day trends to consider:

  • Palatines & Galentine’s Day – Celebrating friendships is fun & rewarding & pairs well with designs that represent single humor, self-care, & food & drink. 
  • Women’s Empowerment – Embrace your inner feminism & encourage customers to exercise their voice in activism & their girl power. 
  • Engagements – Anyone on your customer list getting engaged? It’s among the most popular days to pop the question. 
  • Pet Parents – Pet companions aren’t left on Valentine’s Day & need their own gifts. Empower your customers to spoil their furry friends rotten with POD blankets & artwork designed just for them. 

President’s Day

As if we needed a reason to shop & save money, President’s Day made an executive decision to save the Day with huge discounts. Slash prices on your stale inventory, introduce a new product, or blast out last-chance deals on sweatshirts, hats, & hoodies. President’s Day is also an ideal time to tease out spring products that your customers can’t wait to pounce on.

What are your go-to February selling ideas? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

February Holidays Selling Guide for 2023


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