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40+ Freebies & Goodies For Web Designers

We’re back with another collection of cool design freebies for designers. We’re sure you are having a hard time keeping up with design trends (we burn through them so quickly), so here’s a collection of assets you will probably love.

We have icons, fonts, PSD and templates, mockups, UI kits, and a handy plugin you might like if you are into material design. If you don’t like what you see, or if you do, check out our other compilations for more freebies you’d be sure to love:


50 Library Icons

A cute set of outline icons featuring elements you would normally find at your local library: Books, sofas, glasses, you get the idea. They are entirely composed of vector shapes, editable with Adobe Illustrator.

Material Design Icons (Extended Color Version)

Remember the material icons Google released a while back? Here they are, colored according to their guidelines plus a good 600+ original designs.

Modern UI Icons

An awesome set of icons created meticulously using Microsoft’s Expression Design. They feature a simple and straightforward look, perfect for the Modern UI style. There are over 1200 elements, provided in multiple formats.

Round Vector Icon Set

A collection of round icons with a very simple line design, all in vector shapes in order to adapt them to any size you want, download in EPS format.

Icon Font/Design Outline Icons

An awesome icon font you can grab in both design (AI, Sketch) and font (SVG) versions. The outline style is modern and easy on the eye.

Delicate Black Icons Set

A set of icons related to music and other topics. They’re quite simple, drawn in black over a white background. Download and modify the PSD file for free.

SEO-Related Line Icons

An interesting set of icons giving an image to some terms we hear constantly in the internet business: Monetization, SEO, advertising, etc.

Hand-Drawn Doodle Icon Set

Give your next project a very friendly look with this set of hand-drawn icons in PNG, PSD and SVG format to fit all your needs.

Yoios: iOS 8 Inspired Icons for OSX Yosemite

Get the best of both worlds of Apple by installing these iOS 8 icons on your Yosemite iMac.

120 Vector Icons PSD

A huge package with ten dozens of flat, vectorial icons. They come in quirky colors and feature a variety of topics.

Social Icons Hand-drawn Icons

Promote yourself in social networks with this cool set of hand-made social icons for the top sites out there.

A Set of Iconic Retro Vehicles

A detailed package with some of the most beloved models in the history of transportation. Created as vector in PSD format, including loads of details.


Barque Free Typeface

Barque is a font most suited for big sizes, titles and posters. You’re free to use it in both personal and commercial projects.

Sweet Pineapple: Hand-drawn Serif Webfont

Handwritten fonts give a much friendlier appeal to your projects. Sweet Pineapple aims to achieve just that.

Sunday Free Font

Sunday captures the feeling of a relaxed day under perfect weather. Calm and easy going, use this all-caps font for your most laid-back designs.

Bakersfield Font Family

Bakersfield is an entire geometric font family with superb legibility in both printed and web formats. There’s two weights available for free.

Gilded Hand: Handwritten Script Font

A beautiful font that puts elegance and a sweet handwritten feel to your designs. Use it in commercial and personal projects, for free.

Fairview Industrial Sans-serif Font

A consensed, industrial sans-serif typeface including two different variations. You can get a personal license for free.

Lovelo Free Font

A cool font with playful shapes and a lovely double line construction when written in all caps. Three weights are available for nothing.
De La Fuente

Alex De La Fuente has created this typeface carrying his name. It’s meant for text under 24 pt, so keep that in mind when applying it.
Nero Free Font

A super edgy free font designed for big sizes. It gathers attention quite a bit, featuring violent shapes and curves.

PSDs & Templates

Vintage Business Branding Template Pack

An awesome collection of branding elements for your company in PSD format, using a fantastic retro style. In this bundle, you will find logos, frames, mockups and other elements, great for giving your project a very recognizable look.

Fonzo: One Page PSD Template

A minimal template with straightforward divisions for easy navigation. It is composed of vector shapes for worry-free editing in Photoshop.

Galaxy: Newsletter PSD Template

Give your newsletter a visual makeover with Galaxy, it features bold colors and a modern look that will leave your clients enchanted. Makes use of free Google Fonts.

Boxify One Page Template

Mostly created for start-ups or portfolios, this free template offers a cutting-edge look to your online space.

Strata Template

A simple portfolio template featuring big images and parallax scrolling, all with a very classy, content-focused look.

Passion Email Template

Bring your next newsletter release to life with this awesome email template, featuring big images, icons and soft shadows.


Magazine Cover Mockup

A very good-looking magazine mockup featuring multiple angles and a realistic feel to it

Poster Mockup

A cool mockup where you can display your latest poster designs. This particular PSD file offers various lighting and background options.

Designer Desk Essentials

Create custom images for your portfolio page with this set of essential desk elements. Each part is separated so you can make your own compositions.

Business Card Mockup

Picture how your next presentation card will look before you release the final version. They have a cool stacked cards effect for added realism.

UI Kit

Mini UI Kit PSD

An improved version of a mini UI kit by Dribbble user Ahmed. Available in PSD format.

EventRay UI Kit

A complete set of user interface elements with an interesting dark color palette, offering charts, menus, calendar and more.

Pausrr UI Kit for Sketch

A beautiful set of user interface elements available for the growing community of Sketch designers. There’s a bit of everything including buttons, website layouts, icons and more, all with bold colors and shapes.

Dashboard UI Kit

Create effective admin or user panels with pretty much all the elements you could ever need. It even has a neat Santa icon for you.

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