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Free Pds Vintage Sale Badge

Free Pds Vintage Sale Badge

Quality free PSD files are a boon for those designers who cannot create their design due to the paucity of time or any other reason. These files help them in their graphic and web design projects and can be used anywhere such as print or the web. Badges are an important ornamental element of web design, they add a lot of appeal and credibility to the products and services.

The post includes various styles of badges that can be used for a variety of purposes such as awards, announcements, sale, pricing, achievements and much more. This freebie is a hand-picked collection of 30+ best badges vector/PSD for web and graphic designers for your inspiration.

5 Multi-Feature Widget Packs For Your Android Device

For Android users, widgets redefine how we can customize our smartphones. It’s not enough that we get really powerful phones, sometimes the stock programs and interface may be found lacking. There are plenty of widgets online that could help us ‘build’ our own version of the perfect phone.

A widget is a useful addition to the Android platform with plenty of features, settings and tools made available right on the lockscreen or homescreen. However, as you the following examples will show, there are more things that the humble widget can do. Here are just 5 multi-feature widget packs and a few other useful widgets you might want to try out for your Android device.

6 vintage logo kit

A vintage starter kit including 6 Logo / Insignias (AI), 12 Icons (AI), an ABR brush file for Photoshop to add texture to your final piece using the Eraser Tool.

Download freebie

3 Christmas icons – EPS

Free Christmas Icons 580x435

3 Christmas icons – EPS

Here is a small set including 3 vector shaped Christmas icons and released in EPS format. Designed by Dasha.

Teracy Wireframe UI Kit for Sketch

It’s always a good idea to begin with a wireframe when beginning a new web design or mobile app project. Wireframes can be a big time saver as they help both designers and developers come to an agreement on placement of major UI elements. The key is to get the layout nailed down so you don’t have to change major layout when detailed design elements are in place.

In our design process at Teracy, wireframing and mockups takes an important position. We have developed a wireframe kit to speedup the design process and use it in our daily design workflow. Today, we are excited to share the version of our wireframe kit that we are using, which includes the most common UI elements in web projects. This is the second UI kit we share to Sketchcommunity, you can also check out our first freebie Bootflat UI kit for Sketch shared not a long time ago.

Here it is, hope it’s useful for all Sketch lovers!

Download the Teracy Wireframe kit for Sketch