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Stock images are the means by which those of us without photographic talent can find great images to decorate our blogs. While many sites charge for the right to use that picture of a tangerine on a plate facing the beach at sunset, there are a vast majority out there that do allow free access to free stock photos that aren’t grainy or out of focus.

The only thing you’ll need to pay attention to, however, is reading their licenses. Though free, some have stipulations that require attribution. So long as you don’t mind that, the free stock photo world is your oyster


Taking the Latin term that now means “free”, Gratisography is a site of high-resolution photos taken by Ryan McGuire, the founder of Bells Design. Everything on the site is free to use under Creative Commons Zero. The only thing he politely asks is money for his coffee fund. According to him, coffee allows this project to flourish, giving him the energy he needs to get things done.



Providing you with 10 new high-resolution photos every 10 days, every picture posted is free to use under Creative Commons Zero. Their website even features projects created using the free images they provide. Those interested can register for their mailing list to receive e-mails when the new 10 are posted.

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Yet another member of Creative Commons Zero, Life of Pix is a gallery full of high-resolution images. New pictures are released every week. They are sourced from Leeroy Advertising Agency located in Montreal and all of the photographers tied to its network. They also offer free videos, clips and loops.

Life Of Pix Free Stock Photos Trees Autumn Leaves Sky Leeroy


Arguably, this site has the best name out of all of them. If you sign up, you’ll receive free photos in your e-mail every month. Should that not be enough, Premium accounts give users access to all past and future photographs in addition to more monthly photos.



IM Free is more than just free stock photography. It is a collection of free resources. From a button maker to website templates, this site is a treasure trove of free stuff. The biggest difference with their photos is that they are protected under Third Party Intellectual Rights.

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Seven snaps every seven days is this site’s motto. Users can sign up to join the mailing list to be e-mailed the latest photographs. Even still, they have their weekly bundles available directly on the site.

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A site created and run by Thomas Mühl, Snapographic is a source of free high-resolution photographs protected under Creative Commons Zero. For a donation fee of $15, you are able to download all of the current photos in a .zip.

DSC08407 Wpcf 700x400


Founded in 2014, AJ Montpetit’s site of free photographs is all encompassing. On the side, he also runs Colidr and Ilumiate. Those that want to subscribe for free will get both the new pictures uploaded to the site and a set of photos not seen by the public.

Lock And Stock Photos


New Old Stock is every vintage lover’s dream. They scour old photographs and share the ones that do not have any copyright restrictions. Anyone can submit an old photo they have or have found in addition to donating to the coffee fund.

Tumblr Nfps76xHFw1sfie3io1 1280


Getrefe is a site run by Refe, a company solely built on providing clients with modern photos of people interacting with technology. Luckily, Getrefe is a bit more than that. From food to exotic locations, the images provided are shown in smaller resolutions but can all be downloaded as high-resolution images.

Tumblr Ne3o943yU11slhhf0o1 1280


This free stock photo site is one of the larger collections on the web today. Most of its support comes from ads but those that want to give directly can sign up for a Premium membership for extra photos. While this may be tempting, the sheer volume of free content is enough to help everyone find what they need.

HNCK3292 1300x866


Based out of Los Angeles and run by Folkert Gorter, Superfamous is his personal collection of his photography protected under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. This simply means you can use anything you like so long as you provide credit to him in some way.

Superfamous Canyon Stock J3oj1x


Little Visuals is a very simplistic site that sends you seven photos every seven days. While it has only been up for about 13 weeks, everything it has posted is available to get in a handy .zip file based on week of release.

Tumblr N4e0j6iBHs1sdyj9lo1 1280


Daniel Nanescu is the brainchild behind SplitShire. A site devoted to showing off and giving away his photos for free, it has seen over 80,000 downloads since its inception. Those looking to show a little support can sign up for a Premium account which also provides access to additional prints.


Is a collection of beautiful photos. High quality. Creative Commons licensed photos are made available. The website is created as a hobby. Every week there are new pictures.

SplitShire 4737 800x500


MorgueFile was founded as a way to provide artists of all types access to free reference material. Simplistic in set up and design, all pictures are high-resolution and free to use. It is named after a term commonly used in newspapers as the denotation of a file that holds past issues flats.



Run by Matt, Public Domain Archives came into existence when he realized there was no one hub where all public domain images could be searched. Since then, it has grown into a place where you can find what others have come across as well as post your own findings. Support comes from both donations and contributions. Images released under CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain.

Public Domain Images Free Stock Photos High Quality Resolution Downloads Nashville Tennessee 17 1000x666


With so many joining the cause supporting free resources, there is no longer any reason to pay lots of money for awesome high-resolution photographs. Simply reach out to the internet and the internet will give to you what you seek in the form of great free stock images.



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